Polyurethane Gel

Polyurethane gel products are pleasantly soft to the touch and return to their original shape after you touch them. Polyurethane gel can be used to create flexible, soft and durable products, or to cover other parts of products made of different materials, like glass, mirrors or rigid polyurethane. In both options, it grants a complete protection against impacts and falls, resisting to extreme “shocks” as well.

The main feature of this material is its “memory” that enables it to go back to its original shape after you pressed it with your hands, and this creates a soft and pleasant sensation.

Polyurethane gel is a compact material and can adhere to surfaces without the need of drilling.

The polyurethane gel used for Geelli accessories can have a translucent or opaque aspect, and comes in different colours. Translucent colours are semi-transparent and for this reason, depending on the thickness of the gel, they let the light pass in different ways, creating various nuances. Opaque colours have a strong visual presence that goes well with the pleasant softness of the material.