How is a Geelli product created?

produzione geelli

For us at Geelli, the human component plays a fundamental role in the creation of our products. The designers are given information on the peculiarities and moulding techniques so that they can design products that can be made with the materials that the company uses. From their conception to packaging, the craftsmanship aspect is one of the factors we value most: it allows us to research the best materials and production methods and to have full control over the finishing and, consequently, the quality of the finished product.

But how does this process, in which creativity and dexterity combine, take place?

The conception: a design that lasts over time

The Geelli accessories are first and foremost created from the ideas of our designers. Whether it is to respond to a specific need, to improve the aesthetics of a room or to provide a different alternative to the usual furnishing accessories, our products are designed by experts who have only one aim in mind: to innovate and improve the homes of those who choose us.

The design of a product is not however limited to the shape or aesthetics: a fundamental part of the design of a Geelli accessory is in fact the study and choice of materials. The ones we use most are polyurethanes, especially polyurethane gel, materials with various properties and purposes, which we select precisely in order to create objects with unique characteristics.

Production: where dexterity is the main value

Once the project has been developed, it is time to move on to the production part, in which the manual and artisanal component is central. Our specialist operators, in fact, have the difficult task of following all the construction phases and making sure that they meet our high quality standards.

Thanks to the designers’ project, we are able to build dedicated aluminium moulds that allow us to produce our objects quickly and precisely. Before actual use, these moulds are prepared by spraying them with a release spray that prevents the gel, adhesive by nature, from sticking to the walls of the mould.

Subsequently, with the mould carefully closed, it is time to pour in the liquid gel. As our products are small in size, casting is performed manually using small containers to ensure that the entire mould is filled properly and that there are no imperfections.

The gel, at this point, must be left to rest, so that the reagents inside it complete the solidification process. Once this change of state is completed, the mould is opened and the object extracted with extreme care by our specialist operators.

At this stage of production, the product is not yet finished: therefore it passes into the hands of our operators who, with precision tools, trim the edges and remove the superfluous pieces of gel in such a way as to define the shape of the object.

Products made of integral polyurethane (unlike polyurethane gel, which is a compact material, integral polyurethane is a material that expands) require an out-of-mould painting phase. All the products we make are mass-coloured; this means that the product on the inside is the same colour as the outside.

We must of course mention the last phase of our production cycle: packaging. Our accessories are placed inside our branded boxes, designed to ensure the complete safety of our products during storage and travel to retailers or directly to your home.


When you discard a Geelli package, therefore, remember that behind that object there is a long artisanal production chain, with only one goal: to provide you only with quality products that will brighten up your living environment and, consequently, your lives.