10 Geelli products to furnish your bathroom

Prodotti per arredamento bagno

There’s only one watchword for the bathroom: practicality. When we’re rushing about in the morning, or tired at night, the one thing we always want is a simple and optimised space where all the day-to-day objects are within close reach, without any obstacles to our routine.

Practicality, however, mustn’t come at the expense of beauty: a space that’s pleasant on the eye also boosts our spirits, giving us a better start to the day or helping us relax at night, while we’re taking off our make-up or washing our face.

Geelli has designed a bathroom collection where the aim is precisely to combine practicality and beauty, creating products that not only improve the look of our bathroom, but also help make the user experience even easier and more comfortable.

Let’s take a look at 10 Geelli products for the bathroom that are sure to make it your favourite room in the home.


Having shampoo and soap within arm’s reach when we’re showering is important, but the shelves normally available in the market aren’t always sufficiently resistant or practical: suction cups that detach, wobbly shelves… not to mention the need in some cases to drill the tiles on the walls. These problems are a thing of the past with Alfa, the corner shelf by Geelli: made from polyurethane gel and starlux and supplied with glue, they perfectly adhere to the shower walls, without the need for drilling or nails. Its clever design also features a practical drain to prevent stagnant water.


The bathtub is a place of rest, where you can let yourself go after a long week at work. How you position your head inside the tub is crucial to avoid migraines and neck pain, so it is always advisable to use an ergonomic support to improve the experience. An example? Vanilla, our soft and adhesive headrest for bathtubs. It can be positioned at the desired height for greater comfort when resting your head, thus further improving the wellness experience.


tergivetro da doccia

The aim of design objects is to combine practicality and beauty, a function perfectly fulfilled by Tito, our bathrobe hanger designed to be used after showering to clean the glass. Ideal for small spaces or bathrooms without a free wall on which to hang bathrobes.


appendino da doccia

Filo is a unique element that combines various accessories, creating compositions for the shower or wall next to the washbasin. The individual objects are inserted on a central pole and can be adjusted in height to suit personal needs. In the shower version, Filo is hung over the glass, without needing to drill any holes. In the Filo wall version on the other hand, it can be fixed to the wall without damaging the covering.

5.Li stà

This toothbrush holder designed by Monica Graffeo can be positioned at the desired height thanks to the adhesive system. It also represents an innovative way of not occupying space on the shelves and washbasin, where other products can be placed such as a soap holder, bottles, etc.


porta saponetta

No more slippery soap bars thanks to the Lebolle soap holder, which, as the name suggests, is made from polyurethane gel balls that create the perfect surface to hold the soap bar in place. Pleasing on the eye and resistant to knocks, Lebolle is also perfect for homes with children.


A soft and adhesive roll holder, which can be applied in the most convenient position without needing to drill the tiles or ruin the walls. Thanks to the supplied glue, application is simple and fast, while also saving space on the floor.


Geelli products are intended for those who admire beauty, the small details, and design. With this in mind, we created Coccola, a washbasin with soft and rounded forms, able to make the bathroom not only beautiful, but also safe. Its round and plump forms recall the internal chrome-plated drain.

9.Viood container

The laundry hamper is an important object in the bathroom, which often lacks the attention it deserves. Viood is made from soft polyurethane and fitted with a removable and washable microfibre bag. The special microfibre used is made from infinite microfilaments making it particularly light and at the same time highly resistant, breathable and safe against mites, ensuring comfort and practicality of everyday use.


The bathroom needs lots of accessories such as roll holders, hooks and towel racks: all necessary furnishings often selected without taking aesthetics into account. Nothing could be more wrong! The bathroom design should consider even the smallest of details: that’s why designer Monica Graffeo created hooks inspired by a Provençal style, but reinterpreted in a contemporary key.


These are just some of the Geelli bathroom products. You can view them all on our bathroom collection page.