Designer: Monica Graffeo

Filo is a unique element that combines various accessories creating compositions for the shower, for the wall next to the sink, for the kitchen and the entrance area.
The individual accessories are inserted in a rod and can be adjusted in height according to personal needs. Filo for shower is positioned over the glass without having to drill.

Curved varnished stainless steel rod. The rod is fournished with a comfortable protection for the shower glass. Available in 3 versions: FILO DOCCIA suitable for glass with thickness up to 8 mm, FILO DOCCIA L for showers with profiles up to 40 mm and FILO DOCCIA XL for showers with profiles up to 52mm.

The rod is available in 4 finishings: black, sand, coppery and matte gold.

On this rod you can mount these accessories: PORTAOGGETTI, PORTASAPONE, SPECCHIO, PORTASCIUGAMANO, DISPENSER, APPENDINO and APPENDINO DOPPIO. These accessories are available in four different colours: Black, dove grey, dark grey and sand. An exeption is the PORTASCIUGAMANO that is available in the same colours of the rod, that are black, sand, coppery and matte gold.

Filo provides large freedom of choice for individual composition, thanks to the possibility of moving the elements to the desired height or varying the composition according to one’s needs.


Rod color

Ottone, Rame, Nero, Sabbia

Accessories color

Nero, Grigio ombra, Tortora, Sabbia

Product family


Crystal thickness

Fino a 8mm FILO DOCCIA. Fino a 40mm FILO DOCCIA L. Fino a 52 mm FILO DOCCIA XL


APPENDINO – cm ø 1.7 | h 4.5, APPENDINO DOPPIO cm 9 x 5 | h 4, ASTA DOCCIA – cm ø 0.6 x 3 | h 72, DISPENSER – cm ø 8 | h 16, PORTAOGGETTI – cm 23 x 10 | h 9, PORTASAPONE – cm 14.5 x 8 | h 3.5, PORTASCIUGAMANO CM 36 x 10 | h 3, SPECCHIO – cm ø 22 x 3 | cm ø 9.5 x 1.5


painted stainless steel, integral polyurethane


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