Geelli: between innovation and research

accessori in gel poliuretanico geelli

The birth of a brand: Geelli by CS

Geelli was born from a family’s idea that, with 20 years of consolidated experience in the plastic materials industry, decided to invest its resources and knowledge in the creation of a new project.
Our company creates design home solutions, rediscovering infinite, functional and emotional possibilities of different materials, in particular polyurethane gel.

Our force: passion and research

In Geelli you breathe family air and innovation: the company had always looked for innovative materials, especially from the point of view of softness.
The collaboration with Monica Graffeo led to the birth of the first product: Lebolle, soft mats available in two sizes, S and M, respectively a soap holder and a soft backrest for the bathtub or shower tray, for a pleasant feet support.

Our solutions are conceived so as to be creative and innovative. With our products you will be able to change your way of living the house: for example by hanging an object on the wall without having to drill it, or by making your bathroom safer thanks to solutions such as the soft edge mirror Miebrame.

All of our products are the result of a collaboration with expert designers from different backgrounds: there are those who have had experience in the world of architecture, some in interior design, some others deal with general design.
From these collaborations, entire Geelli collections were born, such as the Landscape and Ply lines by Spanish designer Eli Gutierrez, or App by Alessandra Pasetti, specialized in industrial design.

Hand-made in Italy

The manual aspect plays an important role in the production of Geelli accessories, both in the gel bonding phase and in the finishing phase.
To make our accessories in polyurethane gel we use aluminium moulds, which allow us to give the desired shape to the gel compound, and then we finish the products manually, removing any flaws or imperfections and checking the quality of the finishes, to guarantee our customers the highest quality.
We also take care of the packaging phase: our specialized technicians ensure the total safety of the products to guarantee to the final user a perfect reception of the purchase.

Materials research

A further mission of Geelli is to enhance materials, researching their respective characteristics and potential to create unique objects with unique properties.
Let’s see the materials used by Geelli and some of their applications.

Polyurethane Gel

It is a compact material with shape memory, able to return to its original form after being deformed. This softness turns into strength and safety: the object, even if it falls, does not break and prevents the breakage of other objects susceptible to damage.

For this reason, it is used for example to make Grace Bicchiere, a convenient and practical storage jar perfect for holding toothbrushes, combs or make-up brushes in the bathroom. Thanks to the material which is made of, in case of fall, it withstands perfectly the impact, without causing any damage to the floor, sink or people.

Furthermore, the polyurethane gel can have an opaque or translucent appearance: in the latter case the objects are characterized by being semitransparent and therefore, depending on the thickness of the gel, atmosphere lamps, that are able to give light in a suffused way , are created. Two examples are Fiammella or Eva.

Finally, if used to coat another material, as in the case of the Fresca carafe, made of glass and coated with polyurethane gel, this material allows not only to make the object safer, but also to isolate it and maintain the temperature constant for longer periods.

Elastec (semi-rigid polyurethane)

This material is perfect for making soft, compact products, particularly resistant to impact and mechanical stress.
The semi-rigid polyurethane can also be coupled to the polyurethane gel to obtain adhesive products without adding glues, thus solving many problems related to drilling the walls to hang an object, or to the instability of the accessories placed on the furniture.

Integral polyurethane

Soft to the touch and resistant to abrasion, products made of integral polyurethane may contain metal inserts that give structure to the final piece, or suction cups for fixing to the walls, magnets, and so on.
The out-of-mould painting phase allows the product to be used even in wet contexts, such as inside showers. For this reason, Geelli uses it to create its seats, including those for the bathroom, such as the Quadra line.


Thanks to its non-deformability, Starlux is ideal for making rigid and compact products, resistant to impact and mechanical stress. It can be coupled with polyurethane gel, obtaining solidity on the one hand and adhesiveness on the other. An example of this mix is Bocs, the adhesive shelf that does not damage the walls with nails and screws.


Geelli brand is a journey to constantly discover new products and solutions to meet the needs of contemporary living. Discover all the collections, created by our designers and made with our innovative materials, present in our catalog.